Monday, November 30, 2015

Mexico City Climate March Urges Senate to Take Up Shelved Energy Transition Bill

On the esplanade at the Monument to the Mother, environmental organizations
placed an offering on the ground and held an indigenous ceremony of
atonement, asking pardon from Mother Earth for harm caused.
Photo: Cristina Rodríguez
La Jornada: César Arellano García

Mexico City - Environmental, peasant farmer, civil and religious organizations demanded that the Senate discuss and approve energy transition bill, endorsed by the Chamber of Deputies in December 2014.

As part of the Global March for the Climate, the groups marched from the Monument to the Revolution to the Monument to the Mother. With music and whistles they moved along Reforma Boulevard shouting slogans and carrying banners and placards with slogans against destruction of the environment and on behalf of the Earth.

This action was also carried out in several cities around the world in connection with the Conference of the Parties (COP21) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change [UNFCCC], which starts today, November 30, in Paris, France, and concludes on Friday, December 11.

During the march in Mexico City, they demanded that governments taking part in the COP21 reach agreements for implementing measures not just for mitigating, but for transforming an economic model that favors waste, exploitation, inequality and wasteful consumption.

At the Senate building, they placed a canvas banner on which they repeated to lawmakers:
"Do not forget that this bill" — energy transition — "has as its goal reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and promoting the use of clean energy, in order to stop the climate change from which we are already suffering severe consequences. This law must support the country toward energy sustainability with social justice and respect for human rights."
Making Amends with Mother Earth

From there they moved to Monument to the Mother where they conducted an indigenous ceremony of atonement and forgiveness from Mother Earth. They placed an offering (see photo) and prayed to the four directions (East, West, North, South) in order to make, they say, a connection between the sky and the earth.
"Today we say, ¡basta ya! 'Enough already' with stripping the wealth of our Mother Earth. We the peoples, for thousands of years, we have cared for her, but ambitious ones are bringing her to an end."
Then those present asked pardon
"for the damage done to our cherished Mother Earth. We ask forgiveness for having abused her waters, for having brought disharmony and imbalance in the rivers, seas, springs. For exploiting and submitting them to our selfishness, causing death and destruction to them, and to the other beings [plant, animal, human] of the world."
Participants concluded with a presentation of Mothers of America Against Climate Change by the feminist group Equality and Gender, Citizenship, Work and Family, with the Network of Women for Climate Justice. The theater work warns about deforestation and the risk of extinction of the region's native species due to the effects of greenhouse gas emissions. Spanish original

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